2019 Hooligans and Renegades Tournament Info

The 2019 Nevada District 1 Hooligans and Renegades Tournament schedule and brackets are post at the link below.

Updated: 15 June 2019

2019 Hooligans Bracket (Pool Play Ongoing)

2019 Renegades Bracket (Final Pool Play Results)

Renegades Pool Play Results

Team NameWinLossRuns EarnedRuns AllowedDifferential (Earned - Allowed)
Reno Continental2020146
Carson Valley112227-5
Reno American1023716
Carson City01410-6
Reno National019112

Hooligans Pool Play Results

Team NameWinsLossesRuns EarnedRuns AllowedDifferential (Earned - Allowed)
Reno American2018711
Carson City111826-8
Sparks National111520-5
Reno Continental???1?????????
Reno National???1?????????
Valley Providence0 2?????????