UncategorizedCOVID-19 Update / 26 March

March 26, 2020

Good afternoon Washoe families…

Well… today was going to be opening day for Major League Baseball and I, as I’m sure many of you are, was thinking about my favorite sport or lack thereof. 

I wanted to give you an update on what the plans are for Washoe Little league.  I have been purposely dragging my feet a bit in hopes to get some clarity.  But alas…clarity is still elusive. 

We got word last week that the season start has actually been pushed out further to 5/11 by Little League International.  Additionally, the county has closed the fields until April 17th.  We are canceling our opening day ceremonies and our golf tournament will also be canceled for this year in order for us to focus on getting on the field and playing baseball when that time occurs. 

With that bad news out of the way, the board’s intention is still to have a full season of games  We plan on going into late June with our season.  In ordinary times we would never consider going into summer with games, however these are no ordinary times.  We know there will be issues with this and we will have a plan for as many of those issues as we can foresee.  Please have patience with us for the ones we don’t see. 

I am very hopeful that we still get to play baseball this season.  How the immediate future unfolds with this stinking thing will really determine what (if any) baseball we get to play this year.  If some form of cancellation does occur, we have been working on our contingency plan and will communicate it at that time.  

I sure wish all we had to worry about was how much snow we had on our fields….

Hopefully see you all out there soon

Bodie Monroe
Washoe Little League