UncategorizedCOVID-19 Update / 25 April

April 25, 2020

Greeting Washoe families…

We met as a board on Thursday night and decided some things about the near future for Washoe Little League.

If the improvement of numbers continues and can hit the governor’s timeline for the various phases, we still intend to begin play in mid-may.  We are crossing our fingers that this will happen.  We are also realistic and feel that this probably won’t happen and will be forced to cancel our season.

Some things that possibly will accelerate our decision is that if we get additional information from the county about when we could get the fields back, guidance from Little League International on a full season cancelation, or the numbers not improving enough in time.  We really need to have a very positive feeling by the end of April if we are going to be able to get the league started back up in time for May 11th.

But as of now we are still a GO!!!

In Case of Full Cancelation

Please keep in mind as you read this next part that as a non-profit we have certain costs that we incur early in the winter that we have to spend in order to put on a baseball season that we can’t get back or float until next spring or fall.  We need to keep viable as a league so that in the future, once all this stuff is over, we can get back to playing ball.  We also understand that any money that we can give back to the families right now, especially those who really need it, would be appreciated.

The costs that we cannot recoup for each kid enrolled in our league comes out to $40 per player.  Our refund policy will be centered around that cost.  We will refund, through Blue Sombrero, the amount that you paid for registering (minus the $3 BS fee and the $40 player cost fee) including any volunteer buyout amounts.  For those of you that wish to donate your fees to the league this year (we greatly appreciate it) there will be an option to do so as well.   We also will have an option to apply your refund amount to next spring/fall.  If and when we get to this point, the default option will be receiving a refund and will not require you to opt into the refund.

Jersey’s and Gear: We know some teams never even had a practice and that jerseys and hats were never even handed out to a portion of the teams(tee ballers also have sweatshirts).   We will be scheduling a day or two to hand out to those who wish to pick it up.  Once we get a handle on where all it this is going.

For those who ordered gear through our gear supplier…we have it and will be handing it out the same days that we earmark for the other apparel distribution.  Please rest assured that we will be following all guidelines for social distancing and other health dept. guidelines when this occurs.

“Choosing not to play” refunds

In the case where we are playing and you as a parent are choosing for your child not to play this year due to the circumstances, we will also be allowing refunds.  These will come in the form of either a league credit or cash back (minus costs mentioned).   Normally we don’t offer any refunds after rosters have been set but this year is far from normal and will be accommodative as possible. We are working on the online submittal process and expect to have that operational by 5/1.   There will be a link on our website as well as correspondence through our email service through blue sombrero. Processing will be up to me, so bear with me as I will work through them as quickly as  I can.  I am thankful to still have a very full-time occupation but will work as quickly as I can to get things done.

Thanks for hanging in there with us…I know we all just want to be out there enjoying this wonderful baseball weather…all we need now is baseball.

Hope to see you all out there soon.

Warmest Regards,

Bodie Monroe
Washoe Little League