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May 1, 2020

Greetings Washoe Families,

Well…. after Governor Sisolak’s latest announcement combined with guidance from Washoe County Parks and Rec, the earliest that we can expect to begin playing baseball is now looking like June 1st and running through July.  Considering all these new realities… we as a league are going to make a call but don’t want to do so without your input into our decision. It was easy to just keep kicking the can a little bit farther down the road but we are getting to the point where that is no longer an option.  I know the desire to play baseball is strong with our kiddos, but we also know that the potential of playing into July may be a game changer for many families. So essentially we are asking if A) you would want to play in a June/July season? B)Get a refund/credit and start fresh again when we can or C) If we can’t run a full season, would you be interested in a summer ball/sandlot type offering once we can start playing ball.

For league age 12-year old’s my heart is breaking for you guys especially.  We are committed to trying to get on a field somewhere this year. If we have to cancel Washoe’s season…there might be a mid-summer option to have a regional 12-year-old league so that you at least get to play in your last year of little league eligibility.  We have included a question in the survey to gauge your interest in doing so. 

Please fill out this very short survey about the 2020 Baseball season from Washoe Little League.  If you don’t wish to play and get a refund/credit (reg. fees-$43 per child) this form will also be where you choose your refund options so that we may begin processing the refunds…the actuall refunds might take a couple of more days to happen as Blue Sombrero is still dealing with issues in processing these efficiently but as soon as they are fixed…I will start processing those refunds..   AGAIN…IF YOU WANT  REFUND NOW…THIS FORM MUST BE USED…WE WILL NOT PROCESS THEM BAESD ON EMAIL REPLIES.  

League Survey

This is such a tough call for all of us right now with so much uncertainty.  We greatly appreciate your feedback and we will be in touch soon with the next round of decisions once we get the guidance you as the league participants desire. Have a great weekend.

Warmest Regards,
Bodie Monroe
Washoe LIttle League