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Age Eligibility


In November 2015 Little League International changed the date to determine player league age to August 31st. This change was primarily made to ensure there are no 13 year old players playing in the Little League World Series that occurs each summer and is finished by August 31st.  The new age determination date of August 31st will go into effect in 2018. However, Little League International has implemented immediate early adoption for players born on or after September 1, 2005. Players born on or prior to August 31, 2005 the current league age determination date of April 30th will remain in effect through their 12 year old league age year.

I encourage you to click the link just below and read the announcement provided by Little League International and check your player’s age using the 2017 league age chart also provided in the article.

For your reference, here is the league ages associated with each division in our league for future planning purposes.

Tball – League Ages 5-6 (Washoe’s League)

Rookie – League Ages  6-7 (should have played at least one year of Tball)

Single A – League ages 7-9

Double A – League ages 8-10 (player candidate league age 7, who has played one spring season of A, may petition for special waiver to tryout for AA.)

Triple A – League ages 9-11 (player candidate league age 8, who has played one spring season of AA, may petition for special waiver to tryout for AAA.)

Majors – League ages 10-12 (player candidate league age 9, who has played one spring season of AAA, may petition for special waiver to tryout for Majors.)

We don’t encourage players to skip a division as there are fundamental skills developed at each level to ensure readiness for the next level. However, your player is welcome to try out for any division he is league age eligible for.