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Washoe Little League news and information - here and Facebook you will find league related notices to include weather-forced cancellations.

Registration is now open for Spring baseball! Before you get registered, let’s cover a few quick items. REGISTRATION INFO: If you live in the Washoe Little League boundaries, please select the Proof of Residency option on registration and NOT the school option. If you select the school option, you will be required to get a...


Congratulations to the following 2019 All Stars teams: 11/12 All Stars: Z. Erwin A. Fincher C. Folgner Z. Good B. Imse C. Kermode D. Pingree T. Rossiter E. Ruiz M. Schreiner Z. Smrt S. Talafuse J. Wigfield 10/11 All Stars: B. Arao K. Cronin W. DeHuff K. Dolan P. Dye L. Green W. Huntsman J....


Get ready for the 2019 Washoe Little League Poker Tournament Fundraiser! This year will we will have a Star Wars theme for May the 4th (“May the Force” be with you). If you’re not nerdy enough to get that joke, it’s ok, we still want you to come play. Also, if you don’t fancy yourself...


We’re now hiring for our snack bar! It’s a great job for a high school student (must be 16+) or somebody looking to grab a little extra spending money. To apply, complete the application below: