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February 6, 2023

Washoe Little League has a great opportunity for teenagers 13 and up to earn a little bit of money and fill a need that we, as a youth baseball organization, desperately need filled. Umpires are in short supply in our area.  No games can go without umpires and it is our experience that most coaches make horrible umpires…

Washoe has a very unique umpire program compared to other leagues in our district. Instead of paying outside vendors or requiring our coaches to umpire games, we prefer to recruit and train our own umpires.  The first place we start is by getting our players who’ve aged out of Little League (Age 13 and Up) to come back and become umpires. We are looking for teens who have played the game and who we can train to call the game the right way. Our program offers kids a way to participate in the game they love and make some money doing it. We’ve seen some really good umpires come out of our program.

We start out paying $20/game and as they gain years of experience, they earn more per game.  Once they are at Majors level we pay up to $50/game.

If you are interested, we are having mandatory training before you can get on the field to umpire.  Our first training is is still to be determined up at the fields and lunch will be provided.   We might have a make up in March but please do your best to make this as we all know how crazy it gets in March with spring break and other baseball leagues starting up.

If you have questions, email our UIC at  washoelluic@gmail.com.

Dan Gallagher


Washoe LL