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February 6, 2023

Washoe Little League has a great opportunity for teenagers 13 and up to earn a little bit of money and fill a need that we, as a youth baseball organization, desperately need filled. Umpires are in short supply in our area.  No games can go without umpires and it is our experience that most coaches...


Congratulations to the following 2019 All Stars teams: 11/12 All Stars: Z. Erwin A. Fincher C. Folgner Z. Good B. Imse C. Kermode D. Pingree T. Rossiter E. Ruiz M. Schreiner Z. Smrt S. Talafuse J. Wigfield 10/11 All Stars: B. Arao K. Cronin W. DeHuff K. Dolan P. Dye L. Green W. Huntsman J....